Friday, March 21, 2014

Eight Days in ParadOZ!

Eight Days In ParadOZ

Riding to the airport
On ice-covered roads
Where the trees and snow
Look like UPC codes
In a white metal tube
I took to the sky
And dreamt of a rainbow
Where bluebirds could fly
What I found was amazing
A land of Oz to the south
A Paradise of sunshine
That put a smile in my mouth
Peaceful Artist!!
For the first time in 12 years - I took more than three vacation days in a row from both my day and evening jobs - and escaped to Florida to spend a week with my sister, Roxi, who now lives there with her husband, David. Arriving at the airport on March 2nd, I felt as if I were Dorothy, slowly opening the door of her transported home to find she was in a strange sensory-overload world!
The palette, the fragrance, the overall Vitamin D-rich attitude of the place was so alien from the Polar Vortex world I had left behind. Florida escaped the horrible winter that relentlessly stalked most of the United States - so everything was ripe and verdant.   I unplugged myself from snow, work and stress for 8 days and returned home feeling refreshed with a demeanor scrubbed clean by sunshine and total relaxation.
While there, my sister, who is also an artist, and I created a special piece that we donated to the local Humane Society (The Humane Society of Manatee County)
 to be used as a tropical-themed backdrop for photos of animals seeking adoption to loving homes. Here I am posed in front of it
(No, I am not up for adoption!!) 
 and here is GIZMO!!

 What a handsome kitty!  My sister volunteers at the HSMC as a "cat cuddler" and the folks there were so very appreciative of our little gift.  I sure hope it helps these fantastic animals find great homes.
So, Foamfriends is back home and READY for SPRING!
Soon it will be time to take down those unique FOAMFRIENDS window panels  - made to fit right inside your window frames and painted to look from the outside as if the blinds were pulled half way down and a kitty is perched on the sill to gaze out into the world while keeping your house cozy and heating bills low. 
What?  You don't know about these??!!
Time to email Nita at and find out MORE!!