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Come be with me awhile
   Under the spell of my dreaming tree,
Where in silence we can hear the whispers
   Of what has gone and what still may be.

Tangle Goblinsprite’s Gate

 Tangle is a young male fey who gives

joy and laughter to all he sees.

Living deep inside tangled gardens of ivy,

he is only seen in the light of a shooting star.

Crann Bethadh

        The balance and harmony which is observed in nature can be best symbolized with the Tree of Life (crann bethadh). The Celtic people attributed the tree of life symbol to qualities such as wisdom, strength, longevity and rebirth.  The seasonal changes that the Celts observed in trees became part of various rituals which were performed to recognize, honor and celebrate birth, death and rebirth.

             Inunnguaq are stone landmarks or cairns representing the human form.  They were used by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America.  These objects are found from Alaska to Greenland, a region dominated by desolate tundra with very few landmarks.  The inunnguaq and inuksuk (solitary stone blocks or cairns) may have been used for navigation, markers for hunting or fishing camps or places of veneration.

Tolkien's Autumn

Winter sent its breath in a wind
Raking the golden leaves of Tolkien
That just the day before let go
And now he stands with naked limbs
Waiting for his cloak of snow

The Garden Keep

            Guarding the front door of our home, this foam fortification stands proudly in the garden among the snapdragons and the lilies of the valley. Impervious to the elements, it adds beauty and interest while welcoming humans and cat-folk alike.  Along with the piece “Styroglyphics”, the garden keep is among a half-dozen polystyrene works that adorn both the interior and exterior of our Lansing home.


Designed as a tribute to honor my family, this modern take on the art of ancient Egypt, depicts some of our passions, pastimes and professions.
    My husband, Jeff (portrayed as Anubis) is depicted grilling, playing guitar and directing, while our son, Jack, is seen playing his X-Box, studying and enjoying his favorite passion…eating!  All the while I am tending to my flower garden, bike commuting and partaking of the fruits of the Earth!!The cartouches include our family name, Kennedy, along with our first names and the hieroglyphics across the upper portion represent         

Live Long and Prosper   and   May the Force Be With You.

Other hieroglyphics and symbols represent our favorite books, games, musicians and some of the titles of the Independent movies both Jeffrey and I have worked on through CDI:
Knight Chills, From Venus, Heaven’s Neighbors, & Figure in the Forest

“Styroglyphics” hangs year-round on our back patio and is one of a half-dozen foam creations that adorn both the inside and outside of our Lansing home.

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