Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Think - Out of the House

Yes!  FoamFriends love to be out-of-doors and because they are made of a material that will still be here when the cockroaches inherit the Earth - they are very resilient. The colors do not fade and because they are so lightweight they can be easily attached to most surfaces with foam adhesive (the kind in the tube from places like Home Depot).  The Kennedy homestead is full of foam art (surprise!!) and on the outside there are several pieces displayed year-round.  My favorite is the piece entitled, Styroglyphics, which depicts our family and pets as if they were painted on the wall of an Egyptian palace. This has hung on the back patio of our house for over 4 years and still looks as good as it did the day we hung it there.
Two of the other pieces are the Kennedy crest and the Tree of Life.
The last piece is free-standing (with a gallon of water as an inside weight) and serves as the Castle Keep for the Kennedy front door. 
Don't just Think Out of the Box -
Think Out of the House!!!

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