Monday, December 9, 2013

To Your Pride Be True!

The Winter Solstice may still be a few days off, but the Holly Way backyard is already dressed for the Holiday Season.  The temperatures are frigid but the beautiful cardinals, frisky little red squirrels, playful fox and grey squirrels, charming little birdies and the majestic and fearsome red-tailed hawk, provide us, and our house-bound cats - Kadashan and Chester, with much to enjoy. 

The castle wall provided a nice perch from which to hunt this afternoon for the hawk and the Temple of Kurgok, in its blanket of white, makes us dream of other worlds.  The new coat-of-arms crest is in place above the drawbridge paying homage to the late Olaf Skullcrusher, Jackson's tree (aka cat scratching post), and our ever-present kitties.  The words below the crest - written in Gaelic - are "To Your Pride Be True".  Since it's too cold to play outside - I've been down in my studio creating some new pieces.  Check them out in the gallery and think about how you could be a Gift Whisperer!!

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