Saturday, November 1, 2014

How to Get There From Here

Getting from "Here" to "There" isn't always easy.

First of all - you must establish what THERE is - then determine your PATH - then acquire the MEANS - then MOVE on it.  But wait a minute...before any of that can happen - you must discover what your HERE is.  Now...if you are planning a vacation or a trip to the market - this is not such a difficult task.

But if you are seeking a deeper movement, well, to do that you really have to focus inward.

Let the world fall away. Tune out the static and listen closely for the beat - the rhythm of your heart and your breath -  truly open yourself and tune in to the vibration of your own LIFE.
It is when we can do that  - that we are free to discover ourselves - identify our PASSIONS and begin to realize the THERE that we seek.
Then the work begins.  
Determining the PATH -acquiring the MEANS - MOVING ON IT!!

It is in these rare quiet times of reflection and introspection, often experienced when I am in the act of creating, on a solo bike ride or while in savasana, that I can clearly see how much my art really means to me. How it is the one consistent element that has brought JOY into my life from making cards and writing poems for my family to designing and creating unique pieces of art from styrofoam!
When asked, "So, what do you do?" - I must start responding with - "I AM AN ARTIST."
With this reply I set myself free to finally discover my true THERE.  

For many of the people I know, in the workplace, on committees and socially  - their passion is EDUCATION.  This is not something they fell into while seeking something else. Whether they are classroom teachers, artists, actors, students or yoga instructors- it is not only WHAT they DO but what they believe is the KEY to their own fulfillment and their hopes for human society that makes them EDUCATORS.

One such person recently commissioned me to create a piece that would not only identify her office and professional title, but would let others know what values she holds as a LIFE-LONG LEARNER and EDUCATOR.  We all have many titles - but when we find what truly DEFINES us.. it is then that we are truly FREE!!

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